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All the major UK Surf Forecasts, Surf Reports & Surfcams for the UK & Ireland on one site

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The UK has some of the best surfing beaches in the world with everything from beachbreaks,
to point and reefbreaks, and being an island, we have thousands of miles of coastlines to potentially surf.
There are also hundreds of websites telling you the best places to surf in the uk (& Ireland) and here we
have all the best sites to give you information on the best spots to surf in a particular county, or coastline.
If you`re new to surfing, we`d recommend starting out on our SurfSchools page, which has links to
`How to surf` videos etc and guidance on beach safety, which beaches in your area are best suited
for beginners, that sort of thing; and even things like `surf etiquette`. Yes, it really does exist!
If you`re an experienced surfer, then just just dive straight into the uk surf forecasts and
surf reports, or webcams to see what conditions are like in your local spot. Let`s get wet! :)

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Surfing is a surface water sport in which a person (the surfer) or people, rides an object, usually a board (the surfboard), on the crest of a wave usually carrying the surfer towards the shore. Many variations of the sport exist, as what can be described as a wave, surfboard, and even a surfer have been ever expanded upon. Waves used in surfing are found not only in the ocean, but also in lakes and rivers and man made pools. A variation of surfing, bodysurfing entails the use of no board and is considered by some the purest form of surfing (see separate entry for Bodysurfing). Other variations that have exist for centuries include paipo boarding, stand up paddle surfing, and the use of boats or canoes to ride waves. More modern craft used include inflatable mats, (surfmatting) bodyboards, and foils.

Surf-UK. With all the uk surf reports and uk surf forecasts , We cover all the major surf
forecasts and surf reports for Cornwall & Devon, and more webcams-surfcams
than virtually anyone else. We also regularly check for new ones.
If you know of a good one that`s not currently listed, let us know



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